Kinder Cleaning, Kinder On The Environment.

Dew Products are Truly Eco Friendly which is what sets us apart from other eco brands. We are a Scottish company starting an eco-cleaning revolution from the city that brought you Jute, Jam & Journalism: sunny Dundee. With an Eco-Friendly, Green vision for the future of cleaning, powered by Electrolysed water.

Reducing Single Use Plastic

Will you join us in our battle against single use plastics? Every single product by Dew is refillable, and reusable. Reuse and Recycling are built into our business from the ground up.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our refillable bottles & jerry cans ensure your supplies last longer, and that they can be topped up by local refill stations, cutting deliveries and CO2 emissions.

Reducing Chemicals in the Home.

Harsh chemicals, over powering odours and cleaning associated health risks can be eliminated. Dew cleaning products are natural, powerful, and safe for use around family and pets.

Reducing The Cost Of Cleaning

Why pay exorbitant fees for so-so products? Our model ensures that not only are our products kinder to you or the environment, but also your wallet or purse!

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Health, Wealth & Nature

Leaving destructive, harmful chemical cleaners in the dust.

We believe whole heartedly in our vision for a greener, cheaper, healthier way to clean. Our products are designed specifically to reduce harm to you and the environment.

Gentle To You & Your Family

The solutions used in Dew pose no threat to you and those around you. Hand sanitisation without damaging your skin with alcohol. Fogging sanitisation without posing respitory risks. We put your health first.

Killing Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi

Our Disinfect products are designed specifically to destroy the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, eliminating them while remaining gentle to you and your skin.

Making Cleaning Accessible

Demystifying and Simplifying home and personal hygiene.

100 jobs, 1 product

Due to the nature of our products, the absence of any harm posed to users, and the multipurpose uses of our solutions, a lot can be achieved with a single bottle from Dew Disinfect or Superclean.

Real Products @ Real Prices

Cleaning should be affordable, this isn't up for debate. Being eco-concious isn't only for the few who can afford to be. We're all responsible and in this together, so we keep our products affordable for all who share our vision.

Grass Root Movements, Growing The Community

We constantly give back and support like minded people and businesses

We are constantly looking for individuals and organisations that share our passion for a cleaner world. We recognise the importance of small local businesses at the heart of their communities, and as one of those businesses, are always looking for a way to give back.

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