Does your Air Freshener Pass the Dyson Challenge

One-quarter of the ingredients in air fresheners are classified as toxic or hazardous.
30 Day Guarantee Logo
30 Day Guarantee Logo
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BS EN 14476 compliant : 100% mineral : 99.995% effective : Eliminates odours : Vegan : Hypoallergenic

Dew Products pose no risk to health if ingested or accidentally consumed.

Air 185ml & Refill 5L

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  • Deodorises the Air & Soft Furnishings.
  • No toxic chemicals or parabens. Hypoallergenic.
  • Great for Pets.
  • Refillable Air Freshner.
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Air 185ml & Refill 5L

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Stop Breathing in Toxic Chemicals


I switched to Dew at the start of the year, my breathing has improved and my home has never smelt so good!

Eugene Darkin

Dew is simply magic in a bottle!


Cleaning Blogger

Our 5L refills are made from 100% recovered plastic

Ready Mix Blue Refill 5L (For Sanitising Products)

Our Ingredients

What is Dew
A combination of salt, water & science

Carbon Savings

Carbon Savings
On average for every 1 litre of Dew refill, used you save 1Kg of carbon. Calculations based on data from the carbon trust & the energy consumption from our Dew machines

Refills Save You Money

Refills Save You Money 
Our refills start at under 19p each. You save money while saving our planet

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free
We would never test on animals, many of our customers have pets and use Dew to keep their environments clean and safe. Top Tip - Dew Air is amazing for deodorising cat litter trays

Stop Breathing Toxic Chemicals